CHANGING PEOPLE'S LIVES International Ministries

A specialized ministry that supports the mission of the SDA Message In the most challenging countries of the world where Religious Freedom is mostly Restricted!

A different ministry for different people!

Planting one thousand tress in Costa Rica: Leaving HOPE for the future

Medical Mission Trip to the island of Roatan — Bringing HOPE through a personal touch

If you love computers and have knowledge of social media: a mission trip to Alaska for seven days to teach these skills to people who need them.

Beach-cleanups in Puerto Rico! For those who are young and/or young at heart.

A spiritual outreach experience to the communist country of Cuba

Re-building HOPE for someone who can’t pay you back: a Mission experience for construction lovers and general volunteers

Belong to a band or choir? HNE International has a destination and schedule for your group — Around the world!